Field and Facility Requests

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Use of Litchfield’s Recreational fields or facilities requires up to 3 forms to be filed with the Commission. Each event/activity sponsor is requested to meet with the board at least once each year, prior to the first instance of their event/activity for the year or season.

  1. Facility Request Form
    • To download the document in .docx format, complete online, and email to the Commission
    • To download the document in pdf format to print, complete manually, and deliver to Town Hall or at a Recreation Commission meeting, or scan and email to the Recreation commission
  2. Certificate Of Insurance that
    • covers the date(s) for which use of fields and/or facilities is requested and
    • lists as an “additional insured”
      Town of Litchfield
      2 Liberty Way
      Litchfield NH 03052
    • This is required for activities/events not sponsored by the Town or the Recreation Commission
  3. Background Check Certification for New Hampshire Youth Skill Camp
    • A “youth skill camp” is a program with a specific curriculum that has been developed by individuals knowledgeable and experienced in the field to impart a specific skill in a logical progression of increasing difficulty over a period of 3 or more consecutive days.
    • Anyone proposing to use any fields and/or facilities managed by the Litchfield Recreation Commission for a youth skill camp must comply with the requirements defined here. This includes the requirement to file a Youth Skill Camp Background Check Certification form with the State of NH.
    • A copy of the to the Youth Skill Camp Background Check Certification must be submitted to the Litchfield Recreation Commission before the first instance of such a camp each calendar year.

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